I was reading “Ayn Rand Answers, the Best of her Q&A” when I came upon an interesting quote. When asked ‘what is art?’, she responded with this:

“Art is the re-creation of reality according to one’s values. By ‘re-creation’ I mean neither copying reality nor creation in a mystical sense. I don’t mean going contrary to reality or indulging in fantasies. I mean (paraphrasing Aristotle) creation what could be and ought to be.”

I find that an interesting view although I don’t agree with it. I don’t think that Stephen King’s works indicate that he thinks Maine should be populated with monstrous rabid St. Bernards or classic cars that murder people on their own. I do agree that his character interactions represent his worldview.

I do think you can learn a lot about people simply by looking at the artwork they produce and/or admire. This is why I don’t like the Young and the Restless, because Victor Newman never watches football or even sits down to eat a plate of nachos. I like pool, football, boxing, kung-fu movies, Family Guy, and all the science and history of religion stuff on the smart channels. People who like different stuff than me are just wrong. Stop being so self-absorbed and start liking the stuff I like. Oh yeah my biggest fear is a midget with a crossbow. Why? Because why not! That is all.

  1. Kristin said:

    I absolutely agree with the paraphrased Aristotle quote. Art has always and will always be interpreted by one’s own innermost voice of what is beauty, tragic, ugly, or horrific. Art and it’s interpretation is about what speaks through our experiences. Take Michelangelo’s David for example their are individuals who will look at this statue and find awe in the precise beauty of man’s representation then you have those who will view it as vulgar and tasteless. Who’s right?

  2. I hate to break this to but Michelangelo was a ninja turtle.

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