Howdy.  I am here having felt impelled to create this blog after looking at some blog posts by Rainbow Ally.  Rainbow is a friend I know from way back and, as I just discovered, an ally of the LGBT community (hence the blog name).  This brought to mind the fact that I used to work in the HIV/AIDS field in office which strongly advocated for the LGBT community.  I thought I’d begin this blog by stating my position on these issues.

It is my position that sexual orientation has nothing to do with morality.  Actions such as murder, rape, and robbery are wrong because they violate the rights we acknowledge in society such as property rights and the right to be free from violence (the self being the most basic property).  Sexual orientation and the actions thereof violate no such right.  Likewise (and here is where I part ways with the LGBT advocates) I don’t believe sexual orientation is a properly a matter of pride although I understand the rationale for that emphasis.  American culture has long discriminated against anything non-hetero and employed shame and ostracism to this end.  The gay pride theme was borne (huh huh! I almost said “erected”) in response to this worldview.  It brings to mind the “black is beautiful” rallying cry during the Civil Rights era which was necessary for people of color to throw off the mental shackles of racial oppression although in a perfect world color of skin and sexual orientation would be as unremarkable as birthmarks or the question of whether ones belly-button is an innie or an outie.  An ideal result but we are not there yet.

I believe that the basis of rights resides in human nature which is what the forefathers meant when they spoke of “inalienable rights”, the whole God subterfuge notwithstanding (Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin were only nominally Christian at best if not, as is more likely the case in looking at their writing, closet atheists).  I believe the basis of American freedom is the recognition of property rights and our right to be free from compulsion in nearly everything, especially what the Founding Fathers referred to as the tyranny of the masses.  The idea behind a constitution based democracy is that the majority is sometimes wrong which is why a constitution is necessary for a proper system of checks and balances. Remember the purest form of democracy is two wolves and a sheep deciding what’s for dinner.

I’m going to part ways with everybody here and say that I believe the government shouldn’t be in the business of deciding what constitutes a marriage as that is properly a religious issue.  I think every couple seeking legal acknowledgment of their relationship should be recognized as a civil union and that the designation of marriage should be left to religious mystics to hash out.  I don’t mean this to demote the recognition of gay marriage, I mean this to effect a proper separation of church and state on  the marriage issue.  The main issue as I see it is the question of the proper role of government in a free society.

In short I don’t see myself as an advocate for the LGBT community except inasmuch as I advocate for the recognition of individual rights and equal protection under the law for all human beings. What else? Oh yeah I like Lady Gaga and “Fame” by Irene Cara.  I think that’s worth about as many points as having a rainbow bumper sticker. 

In summation boomkins need to be nerfed and the 7-layer burrito isn’t actually Mexican food. More details to come as the situation develops!

  1. Nice inaugural blog post. I pretty much agree with most of it. I’m also too focused on my current drive to list historical stalkers. What can I say? The more things change, the more they stay the same.

    • Rainbow Ally said:

      You are actually more in line with LGBT Advocates than you might think. Many of us have been saying all along that the church needs to get out of the marriage business…as in they need to stop acting as officials of the state by providing civil licenses. If these were separate, then there would be less confusion about this issue.
      Right now your priest, pastor, rabi can marry you in the eyes of whichever church they happen to have over their heads…no law in our land restricts this to just heterosexuals. It isn’t until they take you back to the little room and have you sign the wedding certificate did they legally marry you in the eyes of the state. What gays want is the right to a civil wedding recognized by our states and nation so they can have the same rights and responsibilities as us straight folk.
      Religions can decide on their own if they will recognize these unions – but they should have zero say over this legal/social issue.

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